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Heavy Truck

Going forward, the expiration dates of heavy trucks with a gross vehicle weight* between 5,001-7,999 pounds will be changing for many vehicle owners.

Beginning with registrations expiring in December 2020, heavy truck owners will have new expiration dates based on the birth date of the first owner listed on the registration. Vehicle registrations listing a business as the vehicle owner will continue to have an expiration date of December 31.

Please see the chart on the reverse side of this insert for information on available payment options based on owner birthdates.

Use this chart below to find your renewal options.
if your birthday is in .. You will renew until..
January January 2022
February February 2022
March March 2022

Note: The registration renewal notice coupon enclosed with this mailing reflects the renewal amount due, including payment options when applicable, in the “AMOUNT DUE FOR” section. If the heavy truck is owned by a business or if the first listed owner’s birthday falls in January through March, please pay the amount indicated. When the first listed owner’s birthday falls in April through December, please select and pay only one amount based on the listed options.

*Gross vehicle weight is calculated by taking the empty weight of the truck and adding the maximum load the truck is expected to carry.

if your birthday is in .. You can renew until..
Option 1:Option 2:
April April 2021April 2022
May May 2021May 2022
JuneJune 2021June 2022
JulyJuly 2021July 2022
AugustAugust 2021August 2022
SeptemberSeptember 2021September 2022
OctoberOctober 2021October 2022
NovemberNovember 2021November 2022
DecemberDecember 2021December 2022
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