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 Outline For Success

Beginning in 1997, Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector, introduced Outline For Success (OFS), a performance and accountability plan for the Tax Collector's Office.

The OFS Plan Begins With Our Mission

"We are working to earn the public’s trust and confidence."

The OFS plan seeks to address whether or not the Tax Collector's Office is succeeding in its mission through a variety of key performance measures and evaluations. Today, the Tax Collector's has a number of OFS reports, which are comprised of numerous measurements.

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Understanding OFS

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An Outline For Success Owner's Manual has been published to communicate to Tax Collector's Office staff the important elements of the OFS program. This document is also provided here so the public can better understand how the Tax Collector's Office is working to succeed.

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Example Of Performance Measurements

An example of OFS measurements can be found in customer comment cards. Customer comment cards are distributed to each Tax Collector's Office location, so customers can report on the type of service they received during their visit. These cards were developed to measure seven distinct areas of customer service. When a customer comes into a Tax Collector's Office location and completes a comment card that information is then recorded, studied and reported to the entire Tax Collector's Office organization.

Example Of Benefits

The benefits of the OFS plan are also illustrated in the Tax Collector's current mail-in program for vehicle registration renewal transactions. Under OFS, the Tax Collector's Office monitors mail-in activity and has established a performance standard whereby individual customers, who mail-in their completed vehicle registration renewal transactions, can expect to receive their new registrations within 5 to 7 working days.


FTCA Excellence in Financial Operations Designation

Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County, has once again earned the Excellence in Financial Operations Award, a designation bestowed by the statewide organization, Florida Tax Collector’s, Inc. This award was presented upon review of the records related to the audit of the Tax Collector Financial Statement for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2015.

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FTCA The Florida Governor’s Sterling Award

The Office of Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County, is a 2015 recipient of The Florida’s Governor’s Sterling Award endorsed by the Governor, the National Baldrige Program, and the State Alliance. The Sterling Award is based on a rigorous criteria assessment for performance excellence. Highly trained examiners reviewed the Tax Collector’s Office and determined it was a role model organization for performance excellence. The Tax Collector’s Office is only the second organization, and the first governing authority, from Polk County to receive this award!

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FTCA Excellence in Financial Operations Designation

The Office of Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County, has earned the Excellence in Financial Operation Award, which is designation from the Florida Tax Collector’s, Inc., for excellence in: Innovation & Automation; Annual Audit Report; Customer Focus; and, Budgeting. The Excellence in Financial Operation Award was issued September 8, 2014.

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FTCA The Florida Tax Collectors Association (FTCA) 2012 Certificate of Merit.

The Office of Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector is one of only four of Florida's 67 tax collector office to earn a special designation for excellence in the field of financial operations. The Certificate of Merit was issued September 19, 2012. The award is a part of the Excellence in Financial Operation Award program.

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FSCPM The Florida Society of Certified Public Managers (FSCPM) 2009 Askew Award.

Each year, the FSCPM bestows this prestigious award for outstanding work demonstrating the principles and practices learned from the Certified Public Managers program, a government leadership and performance-based management course offered by Florida State University. The award-winning submission was entitled, "Bank Clearinghouse Payment Processing - A Process Improvement Project."

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PCEC The 2006 Efficiency Commission's Final Workbook on the Tax Collector’s Office.

The Efficiency Commission reported that "[The Tax Collector's Office has] one of the best developed performance measurement systems in Polk County. Nearly every aspect of operations is measured for output, efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, extensive measurement of individual performance is an integral element of the culture of the organization."

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TBBJ The 2006 Tampa Bay Business Journal's Government Business of the Year Award.

On December 7, 2006 the third annual Tampa Bay Business Journal Business of the Year Awards were announced to a crowd of over 500 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Tampa. The Polk County Tax Collector's Office won for the Government category. The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office was recognized for their efforts in streamlining the collection process, innovation, and offering more online access and less in-house wait time for taxpayers.

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Where We Are Today

To be truly successful, performance and accountability plans continue to evolve and adapt to change. Our present OFS reports reflect contstantly evolving performance and accountability measures.

For additional information regarding the Tax Collector's OFS program, please contact Margarita Alfaro, Public Engagement Specialist, via e-mail at: [email protected]

Also, the Tax Collector is available to speak to civic groups or before public forums about our OFS program.