Telephone Directory for Departments

Note: Please dial 863-534-4700 during regular business hours for questions involving motorist services (including driver licenses and vehicle registrations/titles) and property, local business, and tourist development taxes, as well as other services provided by the Tax Collector’s Office. A Customer Service Specialist will be glad to assist you with your inquiry.

Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector
Telephone: 863-534-4728 | Email: Click HereAdministration Department
Christopher C. Rudolph, Jr., Chief Deputy Tax Collector/Chief Administrative Officer
Telephone: 863-534-4749

Ashleigh Mills, Public Engagement Specialist
Telephone: 863-534-4738

Service Center Operations Department
Chris Jaramillo, Chief Operations Officer
Telephone: 863-534-4727

Amber Davis, Service Center Operations Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4746 Extension 5799

Julie Simon, Call Center Manager
Telephone: 863-581-8001

Dianna Terry, Bartow Service Center Manager
Telephone: 863-581-8002

Tracy Davis, Lakeland Service Center Manager
Telephone: 863-581-8005

Gail Stace, Davenport Service Center Manager
Telephone: 863-581-8008

Tari Shannon, Lake Alfred Service Center Manager
Telephone: 863-581-8007

Elizabeth Santos, Lake Wales Service Center Manager
Telephone: 863-581-8009

Tax Department
Tineshia Morris, Chief Tax Officer/General Counsel
Telephone: 863-534-4748

Hilary Stubock, Tax Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4709

Chelsea Allen, Technical Processing Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4713 Extension 4713

Human Resources Department
Lisa Harder, Chief Human Resource Officer
Telephone: 863-534-4705

Clifton J. Garcia, HR/Employee Relations Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4746 Extension 5711

Finance Department
Steve Zarycki, Chief Financial Officer
Telephone: 863-534-4719

Katelyn Zelinko, Accounting Manager – Operations
Telephone: 863-534-4746 Extension 5736

Rhett Suarez, Accounting Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4724

Information Technologies Department
Tim Murphy, Chief Information Officer
Telephone: 863-534-4745

Chris Rose, Information Technologies Support Services Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4706

Sean Krause, Information Technologies Application Development Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4746

Brandi Haney, Project Manager
Telephone: 863-534-4710