Disabled Persons Information

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The Tax Collector’s Office facilitates many types of transactions that benefit disabled persons. Please review the following information.

Disabled Person Parking Placards & License Plates

For information on long-term and short-term disabled person parking placards, as well as disabled person license plates information, click here.

Disabled Person Hunting & Fishing Licenses

A disabled person who is a resident of the State of Florida may qualify for a number exemptions related to hunting and fishing licenses. For exemption information from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, click here.

Property Tax Exemptions

The Property Appraiser is responsible for a number of property tax exemptions, including disabled person exemptions. For more information, visit the Property Appraiser’s Office website, polkpa.org.

In addition to exemptions, the Property Appraiser is responsible for the preparation of the current ad valorem taxroll, assessed value of property, taxable value, assessed owner’s name and address, including address changes; and, the legal description of property.

Note: If property taxpayers have a mailing address change, the Property Appraiser advises they complete and submit a National Change of Address form available at any U.S. Post Office or go to their webpage, just click here.

County Local Business Tax Exemptions

Disabled person exemptions are provided pursuant to the County Local Business Tax requirement. This exemption is available to sole proprietors (individuals) upon providing personal identification and one or more of the following items: A long-term disabled person parking placard; vehicle registration renewal notice indicating the issuance of a disabled person tag, documentation indicating a disabled person property tax exemption, disabled person hunting license, disabled person fishing license, and/or certification from a reputable physician stating that the applicant is disabled. For more information, please refer to the following information.

Exemption Sought with an Original County Local Business Tax Receipt Account Application

To obtain a disabled person exemption with the issuance of an original Polk County Local Business Tax Receipt, please provide applicable documentation with an original county Local Business Tax Account Application. Completed applications are mailed to the Tax Collector’s Office at the address indicated on the application. Those seeking a Polk County Local Business Tax Receipt may also visit a Tax Collector’s Office Service Center for assistance. For more information and to access the applicable County Local Business Tax Account Application form, click here.

Exemption Sought from Current County Local Business Tax Receipt Holder

If the holder of a current Polk County Local Business Tax Receipt seeks a disabled person exemption, they must complete a Renewal Application Form or provide a separate written request to the Tax Collector’s Office. This exemption is only available to sole proprietors (individuals) upon providing provide applicable documentation. Please include the Polk County Local Business Tax Account Number and current contact information with this written request.

If the exemption is approved, the exemption will be applied for the following Polk County Local Business Tax Receipt tax year and every year thereafter until a status change is reported to the Tax Collector’s Office.

Note: County Local business Tax exemptions generally do not apply to those who sell intoxicating liquors, etc. or those who operate gaming devices. Also, the local county business tax receipt issued with an exemption will indicate exempt status and are not transferable.