Registration Renewals

Timothy Murphy Motorist Services

Vehicle registrations must be renewed on or before the designated expiration date.

When registering an automobile, proof of current Florida automobile insurance is required, including the insurance company’s name, policy number, and the vehicle which is insured (Re: VIN). Note: State law excludes motorcycles from the proof of insurance requirement.

Whenever possible, customers are encouraged to take advantage of mail and online services.

To renew online, click here. (Not available for commercial trucks weighing 26,001 lbs. or more.)

When renewing online, you may select to pick-up your order the same day at the Service Center of your choosing (Express PICKUP) or have it mailed to you for your convenience!

Registration renewals may also be obtained by:

  • Using a Kiosk (for autos only)
  • Visiting an authorized Tag Agency
  • Visiting a Tax Collector’s Service Center

For Kiosk, Authorized Tag Agency, and Tax Collector’s Service Center locations and business hours, click here.

Note: Currently, appointments and extended business hours for vehicle registration and title services are only available at First Lakeland Tag Agency, an authorized provider. Payments accepted at the First Lakeland Tag Agency include Cash, Check, and Debit Cards (Credit Cards are not Accepted at this Location).

To renew by mail, be on the look out for your registration renewal notice! As a courtesy, the Tax Collector’s Office mails renewal notices to resident vehicle owners. The courtesy renewal notices are no less than 3 weeks prior to the vehicle owner’s birth month (or month in which the renewal is due). The renewal notice includes materials which allow vehicle owners to more easily renew their registration(s) by mail. Florida law does not require vehicle registration renewal notices for vehicles to be mailed, and failure to receive a courtesy renewal notice by mail does not relieve the vehicle owner of their responsibility to timely renew their vehicle registrations and license plates.

For more information and requirements regarding registrations and titles involving autos, vessels, mobile homes, trailers, and commercial trucks, click here.

Attention: Failure to renew the vehicle registration and license before the 11th day of the month following its expiration will result in a penalty fee to be charged upon late renewal. Furthermore, it is a violation of state law to operate a vehicle in Florida without a current registration and license plate/decal. Mobile Homes that do not have a current registration or display a valid decal are subject to tangible personal property tax assessment and the mobile home owner is responsible for the associated taxes due.