File Download Requests


The Polk County Tax Collector provides these files “AS IS”. No technical support is provided (Please do not contact the Tax Collector’s Office regarding technical questions or use of these files). The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office reserves the right to modify the file structure at any time. While the Tax Collector’s Office typically updates these files weekly, this data is not guaranteed to be up to date and accurate. Please contact our office directly regarding specific account inquiries.

Property Tax Information

Real Estate Property Tax Roll (Example TPBROW file)

This file must be purchased and contains current and delinquent year history for all real estate accounts on the tax collector’s database. The charge for the complete real estate property tax roll file on CD is $25. Please contact our office at (863) 534-4700 to order this file.

Outstanding Tax Certificate File (Example CERTIFICATE LIST file)

The charge for the Tax Certificates as an excel or CSV file will be $25. Fees for the preparation of a hard copy will be determined at the time of the request. Please contact our office at (863) 534-4700 to order this file.

Tax Deed Applications

This file can be downloaded and contains information on Tax Deed Applications. The information provided is what you will need to research these properties and is current as of the previous business day.  The amounts displayed in the enclosed file are subject to change at any time.

County Local Business Tax Information

County Local Business Tax Roll (Example BUSINESS TAX ROLL file)

This file can be downloaded and purchased and contains information on all businesses that have been issued a county local business tax receipt for the current business tax year. You may download a comma-delimited file below free of charge, or you may purchase this file on CD for $30. Please contact our office at (863) 534-4700 to order this file on CD.

County Local Business Tax New Business Information

This file contains information on new county local business tax receipts issued for the specified week. There is no charge for these files. Click on the selected week to download the New Business List: