Our Guiding Principles

Timothy Murphy

Our Mission (What We Do!)

“We are working to earn the public’s trust and confidence.”

Our Vision (What We Want To Be!)

“To treat our customers with such professionalism and concern that we change their perception of government.”

Our Shared Values (Who We Are!)

  • Integrity is striving to be honest, reliable, respectful, ethical, and fair. The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office believes integrity is critical in gaining the trust and confidence needed to be successful in serving each other and our customers.
  • Innovation is the introduction of something new that converts knowledge and ideas into benefits. The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office believes in using innovation to bring about creative and progressive techniques to streamline the services we provide.
  • Accountability is a commitment to be responsible for one’s actions. The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office believes we must be accountable to each other, our organization, and to the people we serve. We commit to being transparent in our actions and results.
  • Compassion is an awareness and understanding of an individuals situation with a desire to help. The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office believes that, as public servants, our job is to be sensitive to the needs of people in our community and approach our work with the compassion to help others.
  • Teamwork is using the unique talents of individuals in a collaborative manner and working toward a common goal. The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office believes we should treat one another with respect, openness, and encourage teamwork. We believe a group of committed, thoughtful people working together will achieve extraordinary results.

Our Focus Points (How We Do It!)

  • Customer Service means providing the best service through meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, which impacts every decision we make and drives our ability to fulfill our Vision.
  • Employee Well-Being is the outcome of high job satisfaction, the application of the individual’s strengths, and positive supervisor relations in an open and trusting work environment.
  • Efficiency means striving to maximize the efforts of our office in the timely delivery of services, conservation of resources, innovation and creative problem-solving and streamlining of policies and procedures to accomplish our objectives.
  • Accountability requires us to hold ourselves to the goals and standards that we have set forth to the public, striving to maintain transparency in all we do, as fiduciary stewards of the public’s trust.
  • Leadership involves establishing and communicating a clear vision, providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision, while also demonstrating our commitment to the community.