Vehicle Registrations & Titles

Chris Rudolph Motorist Services

Generally, residents are required to have current Florida registrations and titles for their motor vehicles.

Vehicle registration and title information is found using the following links:

Auto Registrations & Titles – This includes automobiles, trucks up to 26,000 lbs, motorcycles, motor scooters, and motor homes.

Vessel Registrations & Titles – This includes all motorized watercraft.

Mobile Home Registrations & Titles – Each mobile home unit requires a separate registration, decal, and title.

Trailer Registrations & Titles – This includes utility trailers, travel trailers, 5th wheelers, etc.

Commercial Truck Registrations & Titles – This includes all commercial heavy trucks and truck tractors.

For available service locations and business hours, click here.

Note: Currently, appointments and extended business hours for vehicle registration and title services are only available at First Lakeland Tag Agency, a provider authorized by the Tax Collector. Payments accepted at this location include Cash, Check, and Debit Cards (Credit Cards are not Accepted at this Location).