Mobile Home Registrations & Titles

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Overview on Mobile Homes

Mobile homes must be registered with a current decal affixed to the mobile home unit at all times, even when unoccupied. For mobile homes affixed to land that is rented, mobile home decals will expire December 31st each year. The registration fee for mobile homes is based on the length of the mobile home. Doublewide, triple wide, or additional mobile home units require a separate registration and decal for each unit.

Individuals that currently have a regular mobile home decal and who own the land upon which the mobile home is affixed are required to have a permanent Real Property (RP) decal affixed to their mobile home. In such cases, the mobile home owner is required to obtain a Declaration of Real Property from the Property Appraisers Office. Then, the mobile home owner is to present their RP Declaration to a Tax Collector’s Service Center and purchase an RP decal for their mobile home.

Attention: Mobile homes that fail to properly display a current Mobile Home registration decal or Real Property (RP) decal are subject to tangible personal property taxation. For more information, click here.

Registration Renewal

Florida law requires mobile home decals and registrations to be renewed before they expire on December 31st.

It is a violation of the law to fail to display a current registration decal. Mobile homes that fail to properly display a current decal are subject to late fees or tangible personal property taxation.

Mobile Home registration and decal renewals may be conducted online, by mail, or at an authorized Tag Agency or Service Centers location.

To renew a mobile home registration online, click here.

For location information, click here.

To renew by mail, be on the look out for your registration renewal notice! As a courtesy, the Tax Collector’s Office mails renewal notices to mobile home owners. The courtesy renewal notices are generally mailed no less than 3 weeks prior to the mobile home registration expiration date (December 31st). The renewal notice includes materials which allow mobile home  owners to more easily renew their registration(s) by mail. Florida law does not require mobile home registration renewal notices for vehicles to be mailed, and failure to receive a courtesy renewal notice by mail does not relieve the mobile home owner of their responsibility to timely renew their mobile home registrations and decals.

Initial Registration

Mobile home registrations and decals may be obtained at an authorized Tag Agency or Service Center location. For location information, click here. The cost of a mobile home registration is based on the length of the mobile home.

To obtain a mobile home registration owners must have a registration renewal notice or previously issued registration. (Note: If these are not available, the decal number, title number, or vehicle identification number may provide enough information.)

Transfer of Ownership on a Florida Title

Those who have purchased a mobile home (new or used) from a Florida dealership, please know the dealer is required by law to process the application for title.

When seeking to privately transfer ownership of a mobile home in Polk County, the new owner must bring the following items to an authorized Tag Agency or Service Center location (for location information, click here):

  • The Florida title properly completed by the seller
  • Each applicant must sign the application for the title (this is done at the time of transfer)
  • Proof of identity (one of the following) must be provided:
    • Copy of your valid driver license or identification card issued by Florida or another state (this includes any U.S. territory)
    • Copy of your valid passport
    • Copy of your valid Canadian driver license, identification card, passport, or passport card.

Note: Individuals purchasing a mobile home should verify there are no outstanding tangible personal property taxes due.