Property Taxes (Ad Valorem)

Timothy Murphy

The term property taxes generally refers to Ad valorem taxes and Non-ad valorem assessments. Property taxes are levied annually on real property (real estate) and tangible personal property. Real property refers to land, buildings, fixtures, and all other improvements to the land. Ad valorem taxes are levied annually based on the value of real estate property and tangible personal property. Non-ad valorem assessments are also made on real property for essential services, such as fire protection and garbage collection.

Tangible personal property taxes refers to ad valorem taxes on the assessed value of furniture, fixtures, and equipment located in businesses, rental properties, and on mobile home additions, where the owner of the mobile home does not also own the land upon which it is affixed. Additionally, tangible personal property taxes are assessed and levied on the entire mobile home when a valid vehicle registration decal is required and not properly displayed.

Ad Valorem Millage Rates – The County Commission, School Board, municipalities, and other ad valorem taxing bodies set the millage rates for properties within their boundaries. The millage rate is the dollar amount to be paid in taxes for every $1,000 of appraised valuation. The appraisal of property is performed by the Property Appraiser, who is responsible for determining the value of your property (including exemptions). The Tax Collector collects all ad valorem taxes levied in Polk County. The Tax Collector also collects non-ad valorem assessments.

Example: If the taxable value of your home is $75,000 and your city’s millage rate is 7.2 mills, then the taxes due would be calculated as follows:

Taxable Home Value of $75,000 / 1,000 = 75

75 x 7.2 mills = $540 in City Taxes Due


Ad Valorem Millage Rates and Assessments – To view the annual millage rates provided to the Tax Collector’s Office, please click here.