TDT Reports

Nithya Jacob Local Business Activities

The Tax Collector’s Office accepts tourist development tax remittances and distributes
those funds to the Polk County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC). To better inform
the BoCC, its Tourist Development Council, and the public about this area of tax
administration, the Tax Collector’s Office issues a monthly distribution performance
report, which is now available online.

The monthly distribution report is based on remittances made in the previous month,
which generally reflects sales made in the month preceding remittances.

EXAMPLE: Sales generally in April = Remittances in May = Distribution in June

To review posted distribution reports, click on the links provided below:

2022 TDT Reports

June 2022 (May Remittances/Generally April Sales).

May 2022 (April Remittances/Generally March Sales).

April 2022 (March Remittances/Generally February Sales).

March 2022 (February Remittances/Generally January Sales)

February 2022 (January Remittances/Generally December Sales).

January 2022 (December Remittances/Generally November Sales).

2021 TDT Reports

December 2021 (November Remittances/Generally October Sales).

November 2021 (October Remittances/Generally September Sales).

October 2021 (September Remittances/Generally August Sales).

September 2021 (August Remittances/Generally July Sales)

August 2021 (July Remittances/Generally June Sales)

July 2021 (June Remittances/Generally May Sales).

June 2021 (May Remittances/Generally April Sales)

May 2021 (April Remittances/Generally March Sales)

April 2021 (March Remittances/Generally February Sales)

March 2021 (February Remittances/Generally January Sales)

February 2021 (January Remittances/Generally December Sales)

January 2021 (December Remittances/Generally November Sales)

2020 TDT Reports

December 2020 (November Remittances/Generally October Sales)

November 2020 (October Remittances/Generally September Sales)

October 2020 (September Remittances/Generally August Sales)

September 2020 (August Remittances/Generally July Sales)

August 2020 (July Remittances/Generally June Sales)

July 2020 (June Remittances/Generally May Sales)

June 2020 (May Remittances/Generally April Sales)

May 2020 (April Remittances/Generally March Sales)

April 2020 (March Remittances/Generally February Sales)

March 2020 (February Remittances/Generally January Sales)

February 2020 (January Remittances/Generally December Sales)

January 2020 (December Remittances/Generally November Sales)

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